Monday, March 8, 2010

Pay It Forward and Random Acts of Kindness...

Have you seen the movie..."Pay It Forward"?  Wow, I loved that movie for entertainment value and yet it really struck me as an important view of life we need to make happen.  Then, too, I am on the creative team for a site, that is Random Acts of Kindness for the scrapping community.  We don't make money from the site, as a matter of fact, we give away a mega kit of scrapping elements and papers every month for FREE.

Are you doing things on a regular basis that are on the same lines?  I don't mean giving your tithe (or whatever to God) I mean something you personally DO.  Are you helping someone anonymously, baking cookies or a cake for neighbor who needs it, smiling at strangers, offering to refill a coffee at McDonald's (that's what just happened to me as I'm typing this), giving a book to someone who needs it and you're done with it anyway?  It doesn't have to be something huge, just something that tells someone else you're thinking about them or they matter in this huge old world. 

My sister used to ride the city bus to work in Minnesota.  It was a miserable cold day with wet snow and this lady in a wheelchair was pushing herself along with no gloves.  Bobbie had just purchased these nice somewhat waterproof gloves but really she had a knit pair she could wear so she stripped the waterproof ones off and gave them to the lady in the wheelchair and walked off.  How selfless is that!!

My niece once when she was about 8 had a brand new coat but saw a girl in her class who didn't have one.  She took off her brand new coat and gave it to the other little girl.  When she got home her mom (my other sister) wanted to know where her coat was and when she told her, Brenda just couldn't be upset with her.  That, of course, came with training but she was only doing what she'd seen her parents doing after all.

What do you do that maybe nobody even knows about?  Or maybe you do it as a group?  What would you like to do?  Or plan to do?  I love to hear what others are inspires me and I hope you, too.