Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are you a Complainer?

Are you one of those people who find yourself complaining when you don't mean to?

Recently my sister and I were going somewhere and I made some negative comment, you know the type, "I hate it when..."  She stopped me right there and said, "OK, now you have to give 12 positive comments."  I was all indignant.  I didn't mean that as a negative comment really, I just was commenting that I didn't like whatever it was.  She told me it didn't matter, it was negative and now I had to say my 12 positive comments.  I asked if they had to be about the subject of my complaint and she told me they did not. 

Since then it has been a game with us and when I went on a trip with some great college kids (I was the chaperone - eeks), I did the game with them.  If they made a negative comment I stopped them immediately and they had to say 12 positive things about whatever came to mind.  It was a lot of fun and it made us all aware of when we were making negative comments or complaining.  They even asked if they could do it with I'm gonna say no!!  HA!!  Anyway, give it a try...and anything you make into a game and let the kids catch you at is a good way to make yourself correct a negative behavior.


  1. That WAS fun! I also do that with myself too--I'm so glad you got us doing this. I'm fighting pessimism with all my might this year and this exercise really help, plus it's glorifying our Father too! Love you! Hugs! :-)

  2. So right,'s fun and it so makes you aware of what you're saying especially when you're trying to correct a no so pretty behavior. Thanks for commenting!! Let's me know when it's been read. Have a GREAT day!!