Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where does the time's already a full week into 2010

What are your plans?  You do have plans, right!!
I'm thinking about the places I volunteer - church, Red Cross, Convoy of Hope (feed the hungry) and others.  How many hours do you spend volunteering?  Does it need to be more, less, how are helping those in need?  Just some thoughts.
OK, now how thrifty are you?  Creative?  This is my form of recycling and thought I'd pass along a few ideas in case you need some reuse it tips!!

Second Hand Thrifty Crafts -
     Jeans - what do you do with yours when they are truly worn out?  or you just can't wear them?  If they're good enough and don't have holes you could give to a second hand store but if they have holes in all the wrong places I use mine for making really cool throw blankets or even full size quilts for beds.  My sister and I made one for our brother in Alaska and he LOVES it...too awesome that!!  We put pockets all over to hold things like the remote, pens/pencils, etc. But there are other things you can do with old jeans.  I even buy them at the second hand store (helping out the children's home in this case) for a dollar each.  Other things to use old jeans for:  make handbags (gave to all my nieces one year for Christmas), placemats (how cool, match everything that's not fancy and can't ruin), throw pillows.  What have you used your old jeans for?
     Old Books - what do you do with old hard back books you've read, they won't sell in the garage sale (you've tried that) and you can't just throw them out or burn 'em (too Hitlerish).  So you make a lamp out of them.  Mark the center (string from corner to cormer) and drill a hole the size of your pole, might need clamps for this.  Decide which book will be your bottom book and add feet to it.  Stack them, lay flat on the table, line up centers, press pole down thru hole.  Feed cords up through pole, attach lamp holder piece, add shade, bulb and plug in.
     Old Frames - There are only about a million cool things you can do with an old frame.  Paint it, decoupage it, add beads, add a mirror behind the frame, add a smaller framed photo inside a larger empty frame and place on the wall (frame inside a frame), spray paint with gold or silver and add (or not) glitter, cover with fabric to match photo behind.  How have you used old frames?
     Old out-of-fashion clunky necklaces - take these apart and use to create new more up-to-date necklaces, bracelets, etc., or use on the frames as mentioned above, or add to the bottom of a fish tank (non-toxic only), make a stringed tab on a bookmark, or a key chain.  Add to the stuff you made from the old jeans, purses, etc.
     Old broken crayons - if you have a fireplace you can make fire starters out of these and paper egg cartons.  Take your dryer lint and stuff into egg carton spaces, melt broken crayons and bits of old left over candles and pour over dryer lint.  When dry separate each "egg".  Use to help start fires in the fireplace or if you make a bonfire.
     Old single socks - make a pet toy by adding a tennis ball or other type bouncy ball to the end, tying a knot or two and throw for the dogs.  You can add catnip for cats.
So, what are your ideas for reusing old stuff?  I'd so love to hear!!

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