Monday, September 28, 2009

Did you know you can download Photoshop for FREE for 30 days?

You can download Photoshop for free for 30 days to try it out from and if you like it then you can purchase it.  In addition, if you already know you want it you can get it for sometimes a lot less than the full purchase price on ebay.

In a couple of weeks I am going to start posting step-by-step instructions about how to create scrapbook pages with Photoshop.  I'm posting a couple of pages here.  They are not all that great but I thought I'd post them because they're about me.  Next month (October) I am being interviewed by RAKscraps on their monthly newsletter as a new team member and one of these pages will be used.  That web site is: to see it.  I thought I'd give a heads-up in case you might be interested in learning a really fantastic new software. 

In addition, if you just want to purchase either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements you can do so, usually for a fairly decent price on ebay.  It can take a while because you may have to watch the bids but it's possible.  Also, Photoshop Elements version 8 which is brand new is just coming out.  If you buy that from Costco you will also get a FANTASTIC CD to learn Elements (you won't even need me-so maybe I shouldn't tell you about that one, right!!).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Scrapping a story & Debt free

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Physical care ROOM Sometimes it is just so much simpler to go for a walk than to try to do exercises even on the a Pilates machine which I love. Working on it.
Social growth ROOM We did not end up getting to go to the movie this weekend. We volunteered to work at the concession stands for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders). It was actually really cool. We were with friends; we had fun and made about $600 for the student center where I volunteer my days anyway. I think we’re gonna do the same thing this weekend but it will be for the football game not bull riders.

Financial ROOM Wow, if you have not checked out any of Dave Ramsey’s financial planning stuff you should. It really is what we all need to be doing (living debt free) anyway and he is inspiring. He makes you feel like you can really do this. I am not taking the course, my sister is, but they have a guest class you can go visit and I went to the one about debt and paying off all your credit cards, tearing them up and NEVER using them again. I sincerely look forward to the day I don’t have to worry about debts anymore.

Dreams or crafts or “me” time ROOM “What stories about your family would you like to tell for yourself or future generations? I had a grandmother, who unfortunately is gone now, but I would love to scrap her story.” I wrote that in my last entry and my niece told me that she and her mom (my sister) laughed and laughed about the phrase, “scrap her story” but I have to tell you that’s what you’re doing. Ok, maybe I have been in scrapbooking circles too long now but when you’re writing a story and showing it in pictures and possibly using some “clip art” or in scrapping lingo that would be “elements” to fill in or make it more vibrant you are said to be “scrapping”. It does sound rather funny though!!

Spiritual thought/concept or Scripture ROOM Are you thinking about encouraging those around you and being aware when others are encouraging you? Do you have any encouraging words you’d like to pass along? I could use some. It feels very funny to ask but if you don’t ask you may not receive. Read Romans 1:11 & 12. Did you read it?

Saving money in a Tight Economy ROOM One way to save is to not spend…what a concept. I am not going to the store unless I just HAVE to and when I do I’m making a list and sticking to the list. Have you tried this? Does it work for you?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Savings ($500) and Journaling some photos

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Physical care ROOM Confession time…I have not done my video exercises even once. I am ashamed. BUT, I will do a lesson tonight. And, if that is not bad enough I haven’t walked in a few days either. It’s time to get things back on track. Argh!! This is a real trial for me but I am determined to succeed. How are you doing?

Social growth ROOM You would not think that just trying to get together with folks would be that big of a deal but with everyone so busy and our lives so very active that it is just so difficult to add one more thing even if it is a good thing. Since I cannot seem to get anything lined up with friends I’m going to be taking my niece to see “Not My Sister’s Keeper” one night this week. At least that gets me started and since I saw the trailers for this one it seemed rather interesting. Have you seen any good movies lately or done anything you’d suggest as a particularly fun social thing to do with either friends or nieces?

Financial ROOM I am working to save $500 as suggested by most financial programs and particularly by Dave Ramsey ( In addition, I am listening to the CDs of his 13 week study. They are entertaining and motivating but as important I am working on getting the initial $500 in the bank.
Dreams or crafts or “me” time ROOM Even if you do not have your photos all sorted you can start telling some of the stories about them. What stories about your family would you like to tell for yourself or future generations? I had a grandmother, who unfortunately is gone now, but I would love to scrap her story. The minister mentioned at her funeral that in her lifetime she had traveled across country in a covered wagon and near the end of her life by jet airplane. How cool is that? What a story there must be to her life. I want to gather as much as I can and as many pictures as I can to scrap her life.

Spiritual thought/concept or Scripture ROOM Are you thinking about encouraging those around you and being aware when others are encouraging you? Do you have any encouraging words you’d like to pass along? I could use some. It feels very funny to ask but if you don’t ask you may not receive. Read Romans 1:11 & 12.

Saving money in a Tight Economy ROOM Do you buy in bulk? Even as a single person I buy bulk items and separate into meal size packages and freeze. Sometimes you may only save $.20 per pound but with a 5 pound package of meat that’s a $1. And in addition to the money you save that time it may even save you a trip to the grocery store. I buy almost all of my meat in bulk. You can also buy canned items and repackage them and freeze. I have to admit I have not done a whole lot of this but a number 10 can, the really, really large industrial size cans are extremely inexpensive per serving. It wouldn’t make sense to do it for something you’d hardly ever use but things like tomato sauce it could be a great money saver. Let me know what else you buy in bulk and repackage.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Movies, Scrapping Software

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Physical care ROOM Wow!!  It's been a difficult week all around for just a multitude of reasons.  I am just doing OK on drinking water...what about you?  I don't get all 8 glasses drank every day but I am working on it. 
How about walking?  Are you getting that in?  I try to walk three times a week and do fairly well at it.
Now, I want to add working out with a video at home.  I will try to do that about three times a week.  I may althernate it with jumping rope.

Social growth ROOM OK, so far so good.  I am going to a movie with two friends and the friend who said she was going to have several of us over hasn't called yet but I that's not within my control.  Have you seen, "My Sister's Keeper" with Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin?  It looks incredible.  It was created by the same guy who directed, "The Notebook" a wonderfully fantastic movie if you haven't seen that one.

Financial ROOM I have been working on this.  Two first things to do here...ha how are you supposed to do two things's start one and then start the other but you're working on both together.  The first, first thing is to start keeping track of every penny you spend.  You may already have this but if not start.  If you keep a calendar just add expenses.  If you buy a $.59 soda write it down.  When you pay the mortgage write it get the idea.  The second first thing is to start saving an emergency fund if you don't already have it.  You should have a minimum of $500 but $1000 is better.  This is not for ANYTHING but a real emergency.  Your car breaking down is an emergency, the water heater going out is an emergency, wanting a new outfit is NOT an emergency, wanting a new printer is NOT an emergency unless you use it for your business and then only if you really NEED it for your business.

Dreams or crafts or “me” time ROOM I have gone through tons and tons (OK it feels like tons) of photos and started scanning ones that I want to scrapbook.  How are  you doing on this if you've decided to do it...I totally understand that this is not everyone's thing but it really is important to me and I enjoy it.

Do you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?  I am going to start giving short lessons here if you're interesed.  You can buy either one on ebay and for a lot less than the going price especially if you're willing to take an older version and I don't mean so old that it's not relevant.  The latest version of Photoshop is CS4 but you can get CS3 for about $100 which is an incredible price considering that CS4 is in the neighborhood of $699.  YIKES!!  And even better you can download for FREE a 30-day trial version of CS4 to see if it's something you'd like before you ever have to buy it.

Spiritual thought/concept or Scripture ROOM "During the night the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision. Then Daniel praised the God of heaven and said: "Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him. I thank and praise you, O God of my fathers: You have given me wisdom and power, you have made known to me what we asked of you, you have made known to us the dream of the king."  Daniel 2:19-23

Saving money in a Tight Economy ROOM This time I am thinking about cutting out as much expense as I can in all kinds of ways because I am trying to save that $500 I talked about above for emergencies and as I don't have a job that is going to be a trick.  I'm seriously considering a fall garage sale.  I have to have junk sitting around that I have either not used, looked at or in some way taken advantage of in the past year that needs to get out of my house.
If you're new to this...and I am, too...go to my first post below (scroll down) and then read this!!

Eeks!! I am so....behind!!  I will write later this afternoon.  How are you doing on water, walking, finances (some good stuff here) and scrapping?  If you are reading this I really would like to know how it's going!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 8 - 4th post

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Physical care ROOM Ok, end of week one:

How are you doing on drinking 8-8 oz glasses of water every day whether you started with me or you've been doing it forever (or some facsimile thereof) or are you still thinking about doing it…hahaha?

1. Do you feel any different?
2. Are you ready for the next step?

The next step I’m going to be working on is walking every other day. I want to walk for 30 minutes every other day or about 3 days a week. You gonna join me?

Social growth ROOM I really need ideas here, what do you do to make sure you’re growing socially? I’m not so good at this? I need ideas. Please feel free to pass any along that have worked for you.
Financial ROOM I balanced my checkbook, so that’s something, I suppose. More on this later.
Dreams or crafts or “me” time ROOM If you have stacks and boxes and bundles of photos around take a section of them and set it next to your TV watching chair, recliner or whatever, and the next time you’re watching a flick pick up a stack and start sorting. Sort by something that makes sense to you: family, vacations, places, events, etc.
Spiritual thought/concept or Scripture ROOM Who did you encourage today? Who has encouraged you this week? Do you need to get any discouragers out of your life or not as much a part of your life?
Saving money in a Tight Economy ROOM I take the used or printed paper from the office and turn it over to the unprinted side, staple a stack of about 20 sheets or so and place in various places (by the phone for messages, in the kitchen for shopping lists, in the family room on the end table for notes while watching TV) and even cut one up (in a quarter page size) for in my Bible and in my purse.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 6 - 3rd Post

If you're new to this...and I am, too...go to my first post below (scroll down) and then read this!!

Physical care ROOM How are you doing with your goal of drinking 8-8 oz glasses of water a day? I am assuming here that you have decided to do the same…don’t worry if not…I don’t blame you…I’m not real big on it either BUT I do feel better when I drink the water and I do know it’s good for me. The good thing is that I have been able to quit drinking as much soda as I used to. I quit drinking the soda as much long before I started writing this blog. I decided I needed to lose weight so I started drinking diet soda but though I was able to do it they weren’t all that great and then somehow I was just able to quit. Now I drink a soda maybe once a week or less. That’s a whole lot better than a 32 oz. soda every single day. Wow!!  Have you changed some other habit that you’ve been able to keep up for a year or more?

Social growth ROOM I truly was going to ask the friend I talked about to a movie. She wasn’t there or at least I didn’t see her. Ok, ok, you’re right I could have asked someone else and in a way I did. I asked the other teachers I teach with if they all wanted to get together for an evening out. One of the other teachers said we should all get together at her house and she’s planning it.

Financial ROOM My brother got a job today. He lost his job on almost the same day (within a week) of when I lost mine back in January of this year. He had accepted another job but it did not work out – it was as a salesperson and people just aren’t spending so he quit because he was on the road 75 miles each way and only getting commission. Gas alone was costing him too much. But because he’d quit he was eligible for unemployment again.
I made a couple of inquiries to friends, fellow teachers, etc. about the missionary thing at the student center. There were some positive and some not so positive comments, suggestions and a little encouragement. I’m still thinking about it and how to attempt it or not. I REALLY would love to hear from anyone who has any thoughts on this.
Another thing – have you heard of Dave Ramsey? I recently ran across some information about his silmulcast live event. It is coming up on September 19th. I've not been yet but I understand they're pretty motivating.  You might check to see if there's a location that will be part of the simulcast in your area.  My understanding is it's supposed to be pretty good so my sister and I are going to go together. Here’s the web site if you’d care to check it out:  I have absolutely no, none, nadda kickback or whatever in this, I'm simply interested and passing it along.  If you know something about it that I should know let me hear from you.

Dreams or crafts or “me” time ROOM How many photos do you have sitting around that are neither organized nor in a book of any type of scrapbook either. Whether they’re digital or paper they still should be organized in some fashion. I have bunches of photos both digital and paper. My paper ones are so old it’s not even funny but I don’t want to lose them so I’m in the process of scanning the ones I really want to keep. That way not only are they saved on my computer and on an external hard drive but I also have the hard copies.

BTW (by the way), do you have your photo negatives or copies of your digital photos stored in an alternate place besides your house? My family home burned down when I was in college and for years and years I thought all my baby photos were burned up. Fortunately, when my grandmother passed away I found out that she had a whole bunch of them and I just got those. I still miss her so much. I’d rather have her than the photos but since I can’t have her I will certainly take the photos.

Spiritual thought/concept or Scripture ROOM Do you make an effort to be an encourager? I have been around people who seem to make an effort to be discouragers. After a very short time it’s hard even be around them. I do NOT want people to feel that way about me. I’m on a campaign, in a small way, to be an encourager. I want to shower each of you, my readers, with love, grace, hope and happiness. So, how do we do that? How do we encourage each other? For one we are positive. That doesn’t mean happy, jolly, or funny per se when something is sad but when something IS sad we don’t wallow in it forever. And, how do we encourage someone else when we’re discouraged? I would bet that if you try to encourage someone else when you’re sad yourself that you will end up bringing yourself out of the doldrums as well. Give it some thought and let me know what you think!!

Saving money in a Tight Economy ROOM The paper towels and the hand soap savings that I've talked about are such minor little things but lots of little things like that over a year add up to significant savings.

Do you eat out a lot? There are two elements here. Eating out is full of extra salt, extra sugar and too much fat. It’s just part of the picture. So, not only is it bad for you but it’s expensive. If you take lunch to work rather than eating out you can save an unbelievable amount of money. It doesn’t seem like it when you think, “I only spent $7.50 for lunch.” Think about if you take a lunch that only costs you about $1.00. When you make dinner, make a bit extra and pack for lunch. If you don’t like to eat the same thing for lunch that you had for dinner the day before offset it by a day. In other words, take tonight’s dinner for lunch day after tomorrow and tomorrow take what you had for dinner night before last.